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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yard Sale Finds, Magazines & More!

This past Saturday I went to some yard sales. $20 in hand, I went to 4 yard sales and found some really great items that I can use. At the first yard sale I snagged 2 magazine holders for $1.50, got the magazines in them for free! What's so great about that you ask? I got july-sept issues of great magazines like: Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping and others. As well as, 2 yrs of a cooking magazine! I've already put most of them to good use by clipping the coupons inside them, highlighting interesting tips and recipes, finding websites with giveaways and so much more! What a great investment for my budding website! At the 2nd yard sale I got a box full of acrylic paints, brushes, & water colors. I got all that and the box for $3! I love to paint, my grandmother was known (in the family and friends) for her beautiful art work. I can only hope to be as talented as she was. Just tonight I got the water colors out for my son and we "painted" together for a while, made a mess but had fun! At the rest of the yard sales I found some winter clothes for my son, a long sleeve heavy duty LL Bean t-shirt ($2), roll up capri's for myself, .10-.25 toys for my son to destroy and some really cool antique plates, bowl, meat thermometer and garlic press.

In closing, I would like to let you all know that the pictures on the blog page work now!!! Click on the picture and it will re-direct you to the appropriate photo album.(click on photo there for description, for example: click here on (the blog)"What's for supper?" and it will re-direct you to my photo album in facebook. There you click on a photo to reveal the recipe.) Thank you for your patience as I've been building this page and I sure hope you enjoy all the savings I find on here as well as my other page, thriftyoutdoorsenthusiast.blogspot.com Please feel free to share your favorite recipe, home remedy, hints/tips, projects for children, craft ideas, yard sale deals, and more!~Michelle


  1. I LOVE going to yard sales, you found some nice stuff. And Thanx for having the coupon giveaway!! email-chiclight2002@yahoo.com