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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Printer & Today's Shopping Trip

Today was going to be an expensive shopping trip for us. I had $200 budgeted to get needed groceries & supplies, price match items, coupons for items I wanted to check out before they expired and a new printer. My old Lexmark ran out of ink before I got this new laptop. When I got online again and seen all those great coupons I was missing out on, I knew I had to try and budget in an ink cartridge ($35 for the one I needed) or possibly a new printer. Wal-mart no longer carries the ink cartridge I needed, the only place was online. Mom and I researched several new printers and I decided on one that didn't have expensive ink cartridge refills. Got my new one today for $38, it isn't wireless, but its super nice and it came with both ink cartridges! My total at Walmart was $182 before coupons and $160 after! Saved $20, got some more items stocked up for the bad pay months (winter) too! Used the $20 I saved to get the items on sale at the local grocery store, where I was able to score Ziploc storage bags (2/$4) and I had a coupon for a $1/2, not to shabby when you consider you pay $1 for the cheap ones and I got name brand for $1.50! Since I spent over $75 last time I got 5% off my total, making it less that $20! Feels good to be able to go below your budget and still get everything on the list! Think I better budget in ink cartridges for next weeks shopping trip, I'm printing coupons like crazy now!~Michelle

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