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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Popular Home Remedies for Dandruff

I was recently asked if I knew of any kind of dandruff control home remedies. After a little research with my home remedy books, the following list is what I've found. It is my sincere hope that one if not all of these remedies will help!

1.  To get rid of dandruff, take some strong sage tea and a little soap to wash your head, then rinse very will with a little vinegar in the rinse water.

2.  One teaspoon vinegar in one cup of water is a great final rinse for the hair.  It is a preventive against dandruff or scaling of the scalp.

3.  Put  a few drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo bottles to get rid of dandruff and for a good feeling scalp.

4.  Is your dandruff problem getting you down? Keep it in check by crushing two aspirins to a fine powder and adding it to the normal amount of shampoo you use each time you wash your hair.  Leave the mixture on your hair for 1-2 minutes, then rinse well and wash again with plain shampoo.

5.  Got a bit of a flaky problem? To get dandruff under control, wet your hair and then rub a handful of baking soda vigorously into your scalp.  Rinse thoroughly and dry.  Do this every time you normally wash your hair, but only use baking soda, no shampoo.  Your hair may get dried out at first.  But after a few weeks your scalp will start producing natural oils, leaving your hair softer and free of flakes.

6.  If itch, scaly dandruff has you scratching your head, relief may be no farther away than your refrigerator.  Just massage 2 tablespoons lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water.  Then stir 1 teaspoon lemon juice into 1 cup water and rinse your hair with it.  Repeat this daily until your dandruff disappears.  No more itchy scalp, and you hair will smell lemon-fresh.

7.  To treat a bad case of dandruff, wash your hair with your regular shampoo, then rinse with alcohol based mouth wash.  You can follow with your regular conditioner.

8.  The abrasiveness of ordinary table salt works great for scrubbing out dandruff before you shampoo.  Grab a saltshaker and shake some salt onto your dry scalp. Then work it through your hair, giving your scalp a massage.  You'll find you've worked out the dry flaky skin and are ready for a shampoo.

9.  To give your dandruff the brush-off, follow up each shampoo with a rinse of 2 cups apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 cups cold water.  You can also fight dandruff by applying 3 tablespoons vinegar onto your hair and massaging into your scalp before you shampoo.  Wait a few minutes, then rinse it out and wash as usual.