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Thursday, February 23, 2012

18 Homestyle Ground Beef Recipes

Budget-friendly, easy to prepare, and incredibly versatile, ground beef is a weeknight dinner favorite. Try one of these classic, homestyle dishes tonight and get ready for the raves.  Thank you, Mr.Food!!!

1.  Sweet and Spicy Meat Loaf — Make over your classic meat loaf recipe with our ...more

Homestyle Salisbury Steak — There are loads of ways to prepare Salisbury ...more
3.  All in One Goulash Bake — Once your gang tastes this goulash, it's bound ...more  4.  Barbecue Joes — It's time for an update of the traditional Sloppy Joes, and here ...more

5.  Shepherd's Pie 
— Shepherd's Pie is an old English dish traditionally made with ...more
6.  Meaty Stuffed Peppers — A delicious and nutritious meal is only a half hour away with ...more  7.  Cola Meatballs — What?! Yes, you read it right. There's cola in these ...more
8.  Meatball Soup — These meatballs won't be sitting atop any plate of spaghetti. Our ...more
9.  Cheeseburger Macaroni — Got a cravin' for a beefy, cheesy dish? Then look no ...more
  10.  Beefed-Up Broccoli Lasagna — Remember when making lasagna was a day-long ...more
11.  Chuck Wagon Buns — Food tastes special when we're camping out under the ...more
12.  Easy Stuffed Greens — If you're looking for a change-of-pace entree, look ...more
  13.  Skillet Ziti — Our ziti-in-a-skillet cooks up twice as fast as the traditional ...more
14.  Farmstyle Stroganoff — Transport your taste buds to an Amish country farm with our ...more
15.  5-Ingredient Easy Cottage Pie — This is stick-to-the-ribs delicious and ...more
  16.  Bolognese Sauce — Bolognese Sauce is a classic meat sauce that comes from ...more
17.  Hamburger Meal in One — If you don't like doing dishes, be sure to check out our ...more
18.  Beefy Rice Pie — After a hectic day, we all look forward to a home-cooked meal. But ...more

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