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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I know that someone of you are wondering where I've been the past couple of days. I spent all day Tuesday cleaning the house and making casseroles (poppy seed chicken, green bean with stuffing on top, and homemade scalloped potatoes). Wednesday was our 9 year anniversary! I had all these big plans including my grandmother's china, linens, rolling my hair, putting on a sexy outfit, and steak dinner! Well, as they say plans change. Recently they laid off 14 employees at my husband's work place. This company is possibly going out of business in this state and their building/land lease ends in December. My husband survived the cut, only to take a 20% cut in pay and lost the health insurance coverage. With things not looking well work wise, my husband was told to call in before going into work Wednesday morning. They told him to stay home. So, instead of the fancy hair, china, and the such we went on a 'Fall Foilage" drive. Along the way we picked up fresh sirloin steaks, asparagus, and champagne. While we were visiting at mom's, he hand picked 9 of her roses for me. When we got home, my hubby grilled the steaks while I cooked the asparagus and spicy cheese sauce. Earlier, before we left, we made a homemade strawberry pie together! I had a wonderful time and the meal was better than what we could have paid someone else to make it for us! Above is a copy of a handy guide I found in a 1957 Coca-Cola calendar. I use it to look up what gifts we are suppose to buy each other for our anniversary. This year (9) is Willow or Pottery. Here is a quick list of the yrs/presents for wedding anniversaires: 1: Paper; 2:Cotton; 3:Leather; 4:Fruit & Flowers or Silk; 5:Wood; 6:Sugar & Candy or Iron; 7:Wool or Copper; 8:Bronze or Pottery; 9:Willow or Pottery; 10:Tin or Aluminum; 11:Steel; 12:Silk or Linen; 13:Lace; 14:Ivory; 15:Crystal; 20:China; 25:Silver; 30:Pearl; 35:Coral; 40:Ruby; 45:Sapphire; 50:Gold; 55:Emerald; 60th & 75th:Diamond Other helpful lists on this calendar include the 'Days' of the week rhyme, Zodiac signs (with birthdates) and the state flowers! Just thought I would share this handy little list! Copy the picture to your computer for future reference!

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