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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Perfect Cup of Joe

How I Make a Perfect Cup of Java

Let’s start with the coffee itself.  You may have a specific preference on brands and types of brews or you may like to experiment with them, like myself.  The first rule I use is of course, use a coupon! I love Seattle’s Best, but is not available at my local store. I’m currently trying Community Coffee and have been happy with my purchase not to mention the savings! I buy whole bean only. Period.

Finding a specialty flavor in whole bean coffee can be difficult. To save space, my store only offers Columbian or French Roast and if I’m lucky a specialty blend.  Try to avoid coffee bean bins if at all possible, since you have no idea how long those beans have been sitting there losing their flavor. After you’ve purchased your coffee, open the bag and put the beans in an air-tight container out of the fridge and out of the sunlight.

 If you haven’t already, purchase a coffee grinder. These are great not only for grinding your beans but for grinding fresh & dried herbs. The model I have, ($15 at Wal-Mart) has a measuring cup as a lid, multi-grinding speeds for specific types of coffee makers and how many cups you are making. Measure out your beans, (2 Tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of filtered water) don’t skimp on coffee, more is better, less is bitter.  Grind your beans at the appropriate setting for your maker & how many cups you are making. 

Now, for the coffee maker itself. Choose a maker that will bring out the best in your coffee. A couple of years ago I switched from a drip-style coffee maker to an electric percolator. What a difference it made! My model is the kind that can be put fully into the water for cleaning if necessary; making it easier to clean and a clean coffee maker is a must when making your best cup of coffee.  Keep your drip-style maker clean by running a solution of water and vinegar through the system every other week or so and wash your carafe daily.

Use a good purified water (tap is fine, but you will get even a better flavor if you can use purified or bottled water). Measure out the appropriate cups in your carafe or percolator.  Put your freshly ground beans in the filter basket and start your brew.  Instead of hanging around to wait on my brew, I get ready for the day and about 10 minutes later the coffee is ready. What I do next is get my favorite cup, add a little sugar and flavored creamer, stir and add my coffee; stirring constantly to ensure that the sugar melts and the creamer is well blended.  I then go outside to the porch and enjoy my brew with a good book or crossword puzzle. Here recently, I’ve gotten to spend time with my husband, making that first cup of coffee even more enjoyable!

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