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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things you didn't know that are recyclable!

Things You Didn't Know were Recyclable

Things You Didn't Know were RecyclableLittle steps go a long way, which is why Vocalpoint is such a big proponent of recycling! While you probably already recycle used paper and plastic, check out this surprising list of items that can easily fit into your recycling rotation. Mailing them in or dropping them off at a facility nearby is a small price to pay for keeping the earth clean, safe, and healthy for everyone!

Wine corks. If you’re not a collector planning to turn them into a bulletin board, collect your corks to recycle them! Yemm & Hart is a company that will take old corks and recycle them into flooring, wall treatments, and veneers that can be used for years! All you need to do is box them up and ship them to Yemm & Hart—the info for which you can find here.

Light bulbs. Whether you have fluorescent or CFL bulbs, all light bulbs should be recycled instead of trashed, as they can contain trace amounts of mercury. In one bulb, it’s no big deal and safe to have in your home. But when everyone throws light bulbs in the trash, it can become a problem in landfills! To find a place near you who safely recycles them safely, click here. And remember: IKEA stores have a CFL light bulb recycling plan, so take your bulbs with you the next time you visit!

Foam packing peanuts and more. While packaging peanuts are already composed partially of recycled materials, you can still recycle them! Many packaging places like the USPS will take back the packing peanuts to reuse them or ship to a recycling facility, but double check with The Plastic Loose Fill Council (click here to check them out) to see the locations in your area. For larger, molded pieces of foam packaging (like those surrounding new electronic equipment), check out the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recycles (click here).

Phone books. Your local recycling center should collect phone books separately from your normal haul, so call in ahead of time to make sure. You can also shred phone book pages and use them with your compost! The pages are biodegradable and help keep weeds from springing up.

Old carpet. Tearing up carpet for some renovations or replacements? You don’t have to throw it in a dumpster—call up your local recycling center to see if they take carpet or if they know any local places who would. Otherwise, check out the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).

Old medication. It’s time to stop throwing expired or extra medication down the toilet! Not only is there a better way to recycle, but the medication dissolves and gets into water treatment facilities, where it stays in the water that you use every day. Don’t flush your meds! Instead, give your local pharmacy a call. Many pharmacies will take back expired medication and dispose of them safely, or else they know who in your area would.

Originally posted by Vocalpoint 4/3/2012

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